The Film « Nos Patriotes »


Nos Patriotes is a film adapted from the novel "The Terroriste Noir” by Tierno Monénembo and published in 2012. Directed by Gabriel le Bomin, it was released in 2017.


The story unfolds after the French were defeated in the summer of 1940 and tells the story of Addi Ba, a young Senegalese infantry man captured by the Germans and imprisoned in Frontstalag like many of his compatriots at the time. He manages to escape and hides somewhere in the Vosges. Fate has put Christine, a teacher, in his path, who helps him by obtaining false documents. His convictions and his commitment to his country led Addi to participate in the founding of the first Maquis in the region, in the company of other patriots. Maquis is a term used to qualify the first resistance. It was only 60 years after his execution, that his devotion was officially recognized by the French State...

According to the director, the question arose as to the location of the filming, which finally took place in the Vosges.

“Nos Patriotes” was filmed in the Vosges between 2016 and 2017. For several weeks, the film crew travelled the roads of the Vosges looking for suitable landscapes. It also allowed them to gather together nearly 400 local extras. Among these extras were members of associations such as "Hattatos" who defend and continue the traditions of the Hautes-Vosges. They were consulted about the making of the scenes with “schlittage” (which is a means of transporting wood using sledges). It was filmed like a documentary. The actors had to be taught how to use the “schlitte” for certain scenes, which requires original ancestral technique used in the Vosges, because a constant concern for realism was sought.

Following the making and shortly before its official release, three premieres were organized in the Vosges, in Épinal, Vagney and Gérardmer, thanks to the film team. A premiere dedicated to the extras took place which was an opportunity for them to recount their experience during the filming, in front of their friends or family.