The Web-series “The Dreamcatcher »

"The Dreamcatcher" is a fantasy-style web-series (a series of videos broadcasted on the internet) created by Arnaud Husson in 2017. Several videos from 12 to 20 minutes have already been put online, but the web-series is still being filmed.

It tells the story of Jodie, a girl with an extra-sensory gift that allows her to penetrate the sleep of others. Her parents decided to place her in a research institute when she was still a little girl. Her father, who later became her mentor, took the responsibility of watching over and taking care of her. Later, when she is 27 years old, Jodie realizes that she does not know anything about life outside the institute and hopes to discover what goes on outside these walls. But Hugo Dolhem, the director of the research institute, is counting on her and her powers to heal patients suffering from trauma such as those living recurring nightmares and other psychological repercussions.

One day, Arnaud Husson, who is a film enthusiast and former trader from Épinal, decided to gather his friends, professionals and experts in the field of cinema, to set up several courses. The team, composed largely of volunteers, allowed the web-series to be produced with modest financial means.

With the help of his team, Arnaud Husson hopes to continue producing "The Dreamcatcher", which we hope will soon be available on our screens.