The ambitions of the museum - Musée de l'Image

Discover the people who work day to day on the conservation and the documentation of the museum...

The museum – Musée d’Image in Épinal has the label "Musée de France" issued by the Ministry of Culture and Communication. The team of the museum and its various partners work every day to preserve, document and make the collection accessible.

The missions of the Museum

The main missions of the museum are to maintain the listed collection and to enrich it each year with new acquisitions. The team then designs exhibitions to show and highlight the historical, poetic and sometimes philosophical interest of this exceptional background. Sharing knowledge with as many people as possible is the museum's third mission, since it develops tools like booklets, tours and workshops as well as educational events and projects.

The Museum’s partners

Behind the scenes of your visit, there are nearly 20 people that work at the museum every day. A wide variety of professions work together hand in hand: the conservation and documentation team, the administrative and technical staff, but also the communication and customer service.

The Team at the Museum

Thanks to its exhibitions and programs, the Musée de l'Image in Épinal is surrounded by many partners. Each exhibition is the result of a research conducted internally, but also with the help of external researchers and other museum institutions from which it regularly borrows works. In the same way, the museum regularly lends its works to enrich external projects.

As part of its program, the museum collaborates with neighbouring institutions, such as the Ciné Palace or the Écoles Supérieures d’Art de Lorraine and of course participates in the events organised by the town of Épinal (Forum des Associations, the Imaginales festival, etc.). Finally, the museum attaches great importance to building a strong network with the socio-educational participants of the region. With them, it develops cultural and educational activities so that everyone can find their place in the museum.