The exhibitions of the museum - Musée de l’Image

Travel through the prints and discover their history.

The Musée de l’Image in the town of Épinal is opened almost all year round, that is to say for nearly 363 days. You can thus walk through its doors when you want and discover the collections and travel through its exhibitions.

Permanent Exhibition 

The permanent exhibition room "Image des Images" gives pride of place to the collections. For conservation reasons, exposed prints are replaced every six months. This way, you can come back several times and each of your visits may be conducive to new encounters. You can see Napoleonic prints, prints to cut, traditional stories, Indian prints, etc. In a colourful and fun scenography, the exhibition invites young and old to discover the story of popular prints, but not just that. Because along the way, works of contemporary art have interfered. This dialogue between Arts and eras shed light on the evolution of our society since the 19th century and questions our relationship with prints.

Temporary Exhibitions

Throughout the year, discover 2 to 3 temporary exhibitions with varied and unusual themes. The prints from the collection are always their starting point. Sometimes, it is a question of studying a corpus of prints in detail to observe its evolution over time. Exhibitions on the “Mondes à l’Enver” or “Degrés de Âges” follow this pattern. Sometimes the exhibitions are a journey around an idea for example rain, snow, torment, kitchen gardens or escape. Links are woven between the Popular prints, paintings and photographs, as well as music or literature. To discover current exhibitions or revisit previous exhibitions, please browse the museum's internet site.

Please note that for each exhibition there is a catalogue which keeps a record of all the research done. It is available for sale at the museum reception.

The walk – Chemin des Images

Every summer since 2008,  an art trail appears in the heart of the town of Épinal. Walkers have the opportunity to discover nearly 15 contemporary works inspired by the collection of the museum in Épinal. Whether assumed reinterpretations or subtle re-readings, one or more young artists reinvent the collections.