Events and animations at the museum – Musée de l’Image

Throughout the year, the museum - Musée de l'Image organizes exhibitions which are accessible to all

Throughout the year, the museum – Musée de l’Image in Épinal completes its exhibitions with events accessible to all. The program is varied and can be accessed on the museum's website, section Visits-workshops-conferences.

Guided Visits

The museum in Épinal has set itself the goal of opening the minds to prints. Customer service offers different types of tours for groups to please all types of audiences. For more information, please read the guide "A visit to the Museum - Instructions for use", available on their website.

When it comes to individual tours, the museum will not let you down! Hostesses are here to welcome and inform you and there are many explanatory texts which comment on the exhibitions. Texts on the permanent exhibition are also available in several languages and in an "augmented" version. For families, specific tools were designed especially for them: exploration notebooks and indoor games await you at the reception. Finally, as the seasons go by, the museum sets up "Flash Visits" or "Visits with friends" to become an expert on the exhibited collections.

Workshops for children

In addition to the usual visiting tools and for school holidays, the customer service department at the museum regularly develops activities for young audiences. From the "Ateliers sur la Table» to the "Musée comme ma Poche” through the days "Goûtez au Musée ", we invite you to find all the upcoming events and other news on the museum’s website.  


The program at the museum also consists of exceptional meetings around different collections. Specialists and photo enthusiasts take a look at the exhibitions and bring their knowledge. These conferences are accessible to all and free. The museum always favours conviviality such as meetings, discussions, meals taken from the bag, etc. There are enjoyable moments of exchange around prints.