The museum - Musée de l'Image

This museum brings a new look to old prints by comparing them to other more contemporary works.

The concept of the museum – Musée de l’Image in Épinal is to bring a new look to the old prints, by confronting them with other more contemporary works. This is one of the museum’s particularities. In Épinal, the tradition of printing dates back to the 18th century and reached its peak throughout the 19th century, thanks in particular Pinot and Pellerin’s prints. Then, the town of Épinal had to valorise this exceptional heritage and inaugurated in 2003 the museum – Musée de l’Image..

Today, the establishment houses one of the most important collections of popular prints in Europe. In total, more than 100,000 prints make up this collection, thanks to popular prints produced since the 18th century in France (Épinal, Orléans, Chartres, Paris, etc.), but also abroad (Germany, India, Japan, etc.).

Visiting this museum dedicated to prints will of course allow you to discover the history of popular prints from the 18th century to today, but also to see other forms of art, such as painting, photography, musical, literary and theatrical works etc. from all periods. Since its opening, the museum – Musée de l’Image has given itself the challenge to question the links sometime humorous, sentimental and improbable that exist between prints of yesterday and those of today. A relationship that sheds light on our society and its evolution since the 19th century and also a look at art today.

Offering imaginative and varied exhibitions all year long, the museum - Musée de l'Image has become not only a reference point for popular prints, but also the way in which these historical collections can be interrogated and understood, as well as on contemporary art. So, do not wait any longer, you can now learn about the past history of our town which is one of the greatest cultural pride of Épinal.