Workshops for young scientists

The workshops for young scientists offer an initiation, in a fun way, to the different scientific laws that govern their environment. This is the ideal way to develop their curiosity as well as interest in a scientific approach.  

Several activities are offered and last between one and two hours. They were elaborated so as to capture the public’s attention as much as possible, whether they are in preschool or secondary school.

Numerous scientific topics are discussed throughout the workshop sessions and the young scientists are always in the spotlight. They will have the opportunity to practice astronomy, chemistry, geology, natural sciences, physical sciences and mathematics safely.

First, there are the astronomy workshops in which children will discover the different phases of the moon while observing it and playing games. They will also be able to learn about the different cycles of the seasons, the hours of sunshine and the phenomenon which are at the origin of day and night.

Then, while remaining in the same field, the participants will be entice to draw constellations, to recognize a meteorite and a micrometeorite as well as to know what a sundial is. Through these activities, they will accomplish their work through observation, building and the reflective processes.

Other workshops, more manual this time, will allow them to discover chemistry. They will be asked to transform different kinds of dough. The first activity consists in transforming a dough so that it becomes bouncy, the second dough should become modelling clay and the third one consists in giving it a substance that each child should analyse to discover its particularity. They will also be asked to control an acid.

Then, it is time for the geology workshops. Children learn about everything they need to know on lava flows, rocks, volcanoes, sands and various minerals through the different activities.

Children will know everything about electricity, water, air and Earth thanks to the natural and physical science workshops. They will uncover all this while carrying out experiments during the workshops.

Finally, they will find out about optical illusions, the volume of shapes and the eclipse phenomenon while participating in the mathematics workshop.


There is always a workshop that suits your child at the Planetarium in Épinal.