The museum - Musée de l’Image

Created in 2003, the museum - Musée de l'Image houses one of the most important collections of popular prints. It not only has prints produced in Épinal but also by other French towns as well as prints from foreign printing workshops. The collection has items dating from the 17th to the 21st century.

Popular prints for children, riddles, religious prints, prints on Napoleon or the war of 1914 - 1918, the printing workshop has illustrated a wide range of subjects and the museum invites you to discover the richness of these productions in its exhibitions. They enlighten us as to who the people of the epoch were, both those in production and those who bought these prints. These popular prints will help you understand society at the time, its history, tastes and customs.

By confronting popular prints with other works such as contemporary photography, paintings, but also musical or literary works - the museum has also set itself the aim of questioning the relationship, sometimes astonishing but often more obvious than it seems, between pictures of yesterday and today.

With inventiveness and variety in the exhibitions, mixing old and contemporary art, the museum takes you on a journey back in time and through its history.