The popular prints of Saint Nicolas

The printing workshop – Imagerie has combined its expertise with artists, to create prints about Saint Nicolas and the somewhat original Father Fouett

Since its creation in 1796, the printing workshop – Imagerie in Épinal has always produced popular prints of Saint Nicolas, the patron saint of school children and Lorraine. Recently, the company, in collaboration with internationally renowned artists, has created new popular prints with humour and talent. From the oldest to the most contemporary, many popular prints have been created on the theme of Saint Nicolas and are accessible to all. A wide range of derivative products are on sale in the shop at the Imagerie or on their website.

Visitors can find small, medium and large size posters, postcards, notepads, letter paper, construction games, as well as tote bags and original mugs with Saint Nicholas and Father Fouettard printed on them.

The tradition has been respected but we have updated our Patron Saint and the dust has been removed by these new collections. Saint Nicolas and Father Fouettard have been revamped on different media. Thanks to the skills still used in this talented house, the legend continues and is transmitted to new generations.