Cycle touring

Visit the emblematic places in our area and enjoy some of the unique views.

What is cycle touring ?

Cycle touring is simply cycling around an area joining the useful to the pleasant, moving freely without constraint, while visiting the emblematic places of the chosen destinations. The competition aspect is not part of this discipline but conviviality and curiosity are essential assets to make the most of the excursions.

The range of excursions

Long or short these excursion are varied and can take different forms. For fans of day trips, these outings are orientated to a not to be missed viewpoint or if preferred, a visit to an historical site, such as the fortress of Châtel-sur-Moselle, accessible from the banks of the Canal des Vosges. Perhaps you would rather a break to discover the charming Musée de la Broderie (Museum of Embroidery) in Fontenoy-le-Château. It is also possible to stop for just a moment at the turn of a field or a beautiful farmhouse which may have been converted into a bed and breakfast in order to observe a beautiful hilly landscape.

No one will be disappointed because everyone can amuse themselves as they wish. Those who seek delicacies are not forgotten with snacks at the farm. It takes a lot of fuel to cycle so the long-awaited snack is highly appreciated

For frequent travellers audacity is allowed but some essential rules must be respected for the cyclist's comfort and safety. Do not underestimate the efforts necessary to cover the distance to reach your destination. Envisage specialist clothing to face the vagaries of the weather. Taking camping and repair equipment allows you to cover many kilometres and brave all types of breakdowns in all circumstances. Food is not to be neglected as cycling is an activity requiring physical effort even when done at your own pace. Fuel is therefore essential to the engine namely the cyclist and his legs.

A popular activity

The practice of cycling touring is attracting more and more followers as it is a calling to return to our origins. The proximity to nature is total since the cyclist lives in the environment they are travelling through. The commercialized material encourages the development of this discipline which is becoming more and more popular. The accessories offered to practitioners open the opportunity for families to embark on the adventure of cycling.

Épinal has bountiful proposals for cyclists which meets the expectations of this demanding public. Its numerous tourist sites, the alliance of its urban and rural environments, the specificity of its mountainous geography without forgetting its vast expanses of fir forest, makes Épinal the unmissable destination to practice Cycle touring. A lot of labelling, signposting and accessibility actions have been put in place to meet the needs of cycling tourism. The offers for tourists are adapted, thought through and considered so as to encourage visitors to come to the Vosges. Dutch cyclists are particularly loyal and devoted to Épinal.

For all these reasons, we have the privilege to host the Federal Cycling Week in 2018 and to become the favourite recreational ground for fans of this two-wheeled sport.