The Bicycode

A tattoo for your bike that will ensure you never lose it...

Created in 2004 by the French Federation of Bicycle Users there are now 220,000 engraved bikes and 130 marking operators throughout France. The Bicycode aims to engrave the frame of your bike with a unique number. This same number will be listed and referenced in a national database which is accessible on

The police and gendarmes fight against illicit resales. They use Bicycode to find the owners of stolen bikes and subsequently return bikes them. This is the only system recognized by the state and supported by the Ministry of the Interior and the Environment in case of theft or receiving stolen bikes.

If you want to have your bike marked during your stay in the Vosges you can do so at any time during the week at the Maison du Vélo (Bike House) in 'Épinal or Bouzey. Simply make an appointment. It will entail a fee of 5 € which includes the protective sticker that is placed on the marking as well as in your passport. The later will allow you to register your bike in the national file which is transmitted to that police and the gendarmerie in case of loss or theft.

Your mark must be visible to be valid. It is recognizable by its blue anti-corrosion sticker that protects the frame and highlights the number assigned to the bike.