The Canal des Vosges’ cycle route « V50 Voie verte»

A bike ride along the canal, with family or friends, takes you to the most beautiful places in our region without tiring yourselves...

Would you like to enjoy a bucolic bike ride, on a sunny day or afternoon, while staying on clean and protected roads? The cycle route built along the Canal des Vosges has been characterized as a mixed-use trail since 2007 and will meet your expectations, especially if you wish to cross our hilly region without any great physical effort.

Originally, this mixed-use trail was not intended for cyclists. It was constructed as a tow path for the agents of the French Waterway Organisation (Voies Navigable de France VNP), but attracted by the beautiful landscapes which it crosses, the majority of the cyclists took it anyway. Today, it is regularly maintained and remains in good condition. It is mainly used by cyclists, walkers and anglers. Vehicles circulate exceptionally for the maintenance of banks and locks.

The cycle route, which was adopted from the tow path, invites you to roam the 73 kilometres which cross the Vosges from north to south. It offers delightful views of different landscapes such as forests, fields and lakes, as well as the opportunity to discover beautiful historical monuments in our region. The cycle route, perfectly maintained, is stable and smooth under wheels. It is suitable for all cyclists and accessible to families, including the youngest, in complete safety.

Why not take the opportunity to enjoy a good picnic lunch, thanks to the facilities on the canal banks? You can also take the time to visit the nearby tourist sites such as the Forts of Uxegney, the fortress of Châtel-sur-Moselle, Lake Bouzey, or the Cité de l'Image in Épinal opposite the Port. Along the way, there are many canal exists which gives you the possibility of leaving the trail to discover the nearby villages.

As you have understood you can enjoy a bike ride along the Canal while taking in the most beautiful places in our region without tiring yourself, as well as appreciating a pleasant change of scenery with family or friends!