Nordic Walking

Nordic walking is done with walking poles for a full body workout without getting tired.

Nordic walking is a sport that comes from Finland. It was originally practiced by cross-country skiers when there was not enough snow. Nordic walking can be gentle, active or sporty. However, it should always follow a warm-up because it is a sport that requires some effort from the legs and upper body muscles.

This type of walk requires walking poles that allow an amplification of the natural movements of the arms, thanks to the support they bring. You can thus walk faster and further. The upper part of your body and your legs are always moving but it is not exhausting.

Nordic walking is a sport that is good for your health, your body and your mind. It will not tire you out because it does not affect the cardio-respiratory system. That is also why it can be practiced by everyone as long as you are reasonable about the difficulty of the hike you undertake. Nordic walking can be practised both in the summer and the winter, but it is important to always wear good walking shoes designed for this discipline.

Beginners can be instructed by guides on how to use the famous poles essential to Nordic walking. You can then go and discover the area, pacing up and down its trails. Giant steps will quickly follow a little warm-up. Dynamic and entertaining, the discipline can be practiced alone or in groups. The poles can be rented in clubs for the occasion. Nordic walking can be done around Épinal which is an ideal area to start as it has an agreeable elevation and its landscapes are full of charm.