Well-being Hikes

Relaxing at the bottom of the trees, taking quiet breaks and refocusing on oneself: these are the principles of the well-being hikes.

Calm, serenity and meditation are the objectives of our well-being hikes in the wilderness of the Vosges. These special moments are an invitation to complete relaxation, walking and breathing in the heart of beautiful and generous nature. For this new trend in hiking, you are invited to walk in a different way from the one you are used to, which will have the effect of reconciling your body with your spirit in the long term.

Throughout the seasons you can have access to these well-being hikes with specialized guides, who invite you to take serene breaks in the heart of the forest using techniques such as active meditation. It allows you to put your stress at a distance and lighten your mind. You can also discover Sylvotherapy which enables you to relax thanks to the energy of the trees that surround you, like a forest bath.

Accompanied by your guide, sit down for a moment. Close your eyes. Breathe slowly. Listen and hear the sound of the wind in the leaves, the presence of bees in search of pollen or the flow of the nearby stream - the benevolent silence of soothing Mother Nature. Become aware of your body in this natural environment and enjoy the best of the moment. Those who dare really letting go do not hesitate to lie down on the generous carpet of moss or the bed of crispy leaves. Sensations are guaranteed !

Thanks to this original connection with nature, you continue your walk with a different look. You no longer feel the same when looking at the landscape, as you walk in the forest. You become one with it. You notice the location of a sleeping deer, you observe the leftovers from the wild boars and you smile at the pine cones carefully shelled by the squirrels who do not miss your passage, well hidden in the branches of a fir tree.

During this hike and thanks to these techniques, all your senses are awaken and you find yourself in harmony with nature. You have a brand new look at the landscapes around you, which you fully and serenely enjoy.