Visits the baths

Discover the baths in Bains-les-Bains with a guided tour.

Every year Bains-les-Bains spa holds open days which allow future patients to visit the premises. These visits take place once a month on a Friday. Booking are made in advance in order to arrange the groups and to make sure everyone will enjoy their visit.
You can register now for a visits by contacting + 33 (0)3 29 36 32 04.

The schedule for 2018 is as follows:

  •  Friday 20th April
  •  Friday 25th May
  •  Friday 15th June
  •  Friday 6th July
  •  Friday 17th August
  •  Friday 21st September
  •  Friday 5th October 5th

During these visits you will participate in an information meeting that will allow you to discover the specificities of our spa. We also inform you about the different therapeutic orientations and activities that you can do during your cure. There is also a guided tour of the baths, as well as an opportunity to discover some of the spa treatments (4 discovery treatments are offered for 39 € per person).

During your cure, technical visits of the spa are proposed. They allow you to discover the routing system for thermal waters, their storage and evacuation. This approach is aimed at revealing what goes on behind the scenes and the guide who is in charge of the visit is the head of the technical service team at the station.