Save the dates

The organisation of the Saint Maurice funfair in the city centre of Épinal allowed, over the years, the forging of strong links between the residents of Épinal and the stallholders. Today, this proximity is easy to notice through the warm welcome and the excitement reserved to them and the amount of activities offered during this time. 3 weeks of festivities and unavoidable dates for you: 

The opening ceremony!

Every year, the mayor, the local councillors and the stallholders in charge of the organisation of the fair are invited to launch this big event. During this event, the stallholders present their new available amusement rides for the year. This is also an opportunity to have a few delicacies … But you can’t miss the long-awaited moment: the cutting of the three-coloured ribbon.

The 3 weeks of festivities can start!

Half-price tickets

In order to give everyone a chance to afford the attractions, several half-price days will be organised. They were created by Marcel Hoffmann, the current president of the stallholders, so that everyone could “enjoy the fair”. The initiative is greatly appreciated by the general public and gives the fair a sense of togetherness. This year, these half-price days will take place on (Dates to be announced).

Big-hearted stallholders

During this yearly fair, all stallholders come together for disability. Indeed, one afternoon in October is dedicated to people with disabilities. This is the stallholders’ favourite moment because they get to open the rides to people and give them a few delicacies for free.

The queen of the fair

There is a new queen every year! If some traditions disappear over time, some carry on. Each year, the election of the queen of the Saint Maurice fair is organised and each stallholder is invited to vote for their favourite. The candidates to the title will be judged on their elegance, but more importantly on their involvement and dynamism in the community. 


On the last Saturday of the fair, before closing the annual event, the stallholders offer the residents a firework from the Pont Patch. An occasion to light up the city centre one last time before seeing each other next year!