The attractions

The Saint Maurice fair is the biggest funfair in the Vosges, with around 100 rides opened yearly. The most adventurous are always waiting impenitently for the new ones.

The date is saved for the thrill lovers who are looking forward to testing new rides every year. As for the wisest ones, they will enjoy amusement rides which are still fun, although they are a little more quiet. Let’s not forget the food lovers who will get a great taste of sweet and savoury little somethings, offered in the various alleys of this enchanting village.

The famous attractions of the fair

Among the numerous rides that can be found at the Saint Maurice fair, some managed to find themselves a place as true institutions through the generations!

The Himalayas is a spinning ride that will make your head spin! It has been an unmissable ride for families for generations ! Bought by Michel Dupont in 1961, it attracts all families, and there are a lot of them!

The Breakdance is a derived spinning ride that is quite similar to the Twist or the Calypso. Seat in one the 16 cabins for a choreography you won’t forget!

5D Simulator: thrill guaranteed when you get on for a journey where the line between reality and fiction disappears! The seats can move on their own to give you an exceptional experience, with up to 2G of acceleration.

The Ferris Wheel will offer you a moment of escape with your family or your friends. A chance to be amazed by the view over Épinal!

The Booster Maxxx is composed of a 55-metre-long arm that can spin 360° and will make you feel like you are the pilot of a plane. Take a seat in one of the comfortable chairs of this ride and get ready for the big flight!

The Bumper Cars too have their fans during the Saint Maurice funfair. Do we still need to introduce this unmissable attraction?

House of mirrors and funhouse: laughs guaranteed! We cannot talk about the Saint Maurice funfair without mentioning these attractions, made for everyone, that will make you have a good time. Mirror Labyrinth for one, various obstacles for the other: you will need patience and courage to find your way out.

The new attractions

There is something new every year! This time and once again, our fellow stallholders are preparing great surprises.

Get immersed in At the Edge of Reality! For the first time at the Saint Maurice funfair, discover this new attraction based on augmented reality.

The Parajump is coming back for the second time in Épinal! The chair swing ride is not new but the chairs are suspended 30 metres high!

The Tornado will not be back this year, but it will be replaced by a surprise attraction. You will not be disappointed!

For children

The Saint Maurice funfair was made for families, but it is THE awaited moment for kids! The stallholders dedicated many attractions to them, from activities to games that will marvel them during the fair.

Their eyes wide open, their legs hopping up and down with impatience, their heart filled with envy and excitement, the children will rule during these three weeks. Spinning rides, funhouse, space ride, Mickey Mouse ride, bumper cars, darts, Hook a Duck … There will be something for everyone! The moment will be magical and special because there will be no losers: the small ones will leave with a small present and their parents with a big smile on their face.

Waffles, crêpes, donuts and others sweet things will allow the food lovers to have a nice snack after school or during a day off. Some flavours tasted during the fair will later become unforgettable childhood memories.

The games

Game of skill or chance, try and hit the jackpot in one of the many stalls all over the funfair!

Test your dexterity at one of the rifle shooting of darts stalls. Will you manage to get all the balloons? Try your luck!

With your friends, challenge each other at the Arcade room to finally know who the best is!

At the Lottery, maybe your coin will be the one to get the phone you wanted for so long to fall! It is waiting for you behind the window. You can also take your notes, chance might make your happiness! Try your luck again!