The not to be missed sites

From the site of Manufacture Royale to the old mill - Moulin Gentrey discover the rich heritage and culture of Vôge-les-Bains.

Circuit No. 5 is a good path to reach the Manufacture Royale when leaving the spa resort in Bains-Les-Bains. The site was founded in the 18th century under the aegis of the Duke of Lorraine. Hiking and heritage lovers gave such overwhelming support to this site that it has become a not to be missed one. The Canal des Vosges, a water and cycle tourism axis, runs alongside the estate dating back to 1733 which is itself one of the most well preserved industrial sites in Lorraine, including its exhibition room called Halle au Charbon .

The Manufacture Royale

For a more exhaustive visit, including the Park with its aged-old trees and the restored chapel, a short break on the site will not be enough according to our specialized consultant at the Tourist Office. The latter will provide you with all the useful information to participate in the visits carried out by the owner of the Manufacture Royale. Twice a month, he opens the doors of his estate which he describes with passion, bringing up the past and blowing the dust off history in the region. He talks about the history of its founder to the first female Bachelor in France and reveals the life of the workers when the site was a tin-ware factory.

The Mill - Moulin Gentrey

Browse through your map while you are still close to the Canal des Vosges and you will see that the mill - Moulin Gentrey is only half an hour walk away. This visit is another favorite with tourists. There is a building which is representative of the region’s know-how in the field of processing potatoes. It was built along the stream called Ruisseau des Cailloux and has survived through time. This place has nothing to do with typically local dishes as one would imagine but it is an old starch production site dating back to 1870 and where locally grown potatoes were transformed into starch. This production was used on fabrics manufactured by the textile industry among other applications.

But we will not tell you all about the mill since the guided tours, which are cordial and clear and given by the volunteers of the association, are more informative. Added to this is the opportunity to hear and learn some expressions from our local patois making this experience an even more enjoyable, warm and authentic moment.