Hiking differently

Experience the different ways of walking that are available to discover nature in the Vosges, in all its splendor.

Are you looking for peace and tranquility to revitalize yourself in the forests in the Vosges? The many trails and paths will take you towards landscapes you have never seen. In order to live this experience fully, why not learn to hike differently, in a more "original" way ? We offer different types of hiking that you can exercise in our county whether you are solo or social.

How about being introduced to the practice of forest bathing ?

If you are looking for calm, serenity and to be in complete harmony with nature, this type of hike is what you need. Along your walk, you will be led to revitalize yourself close to the energy of the trees or to practice meditation while walking. Everything that is good for your body and your mind.

Do you prefer power or race walking ?

We suggest Nordic walking. It is a different walking experience coming from Scandinavia for which walking sticks are used to propel you along and emphasizes the movement of your arms. This way you get a full body workout without tiring yourself and it significantly improves the condition of your muscles, heart and lungs. It is one of the best activities to stay healthy and feel good about your body. In addition, this type of walk will allow you to stride along more sinuous trails which you would never have thought of doing without sticks. The most beautiful viewpoints will be yours !

Fancy a 100% nature break under the stars ?

Why not enjoy a hike for a day while also enjoying a night under the stars? In the Vosges, you are allowed to bivouac in some places so you will be in complete harmony with nature. For one night, you could enjoy sleeping in a tent or in a shelter so as to rest your feet before going back on the trail the next day.

Are you animal lovers ?

We suggest an evening hike so that you can discover more about deer. It is available from September to October. This hike will allow you to go and observe these majestic creatures as well as their slab which will pass between the branches of the forest to your ears.

Come and revitalize yourself in nature and thanks to these experiences discover other ways to walk.