Let's board, shipmates!

Assaulting the Base Natur’O



A white water basin unique in France!

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Stopover at the Port of Epinal

The weather is nice, it's hot, it's summer in Epinal. The desire to get into the water is felt and after having tested water skiing at the Wam Park in Thaon-les-Vosges last summer, I am impatient to discover with friends the brand new Base Natur'O opened in May 2022.

A simple phone call to the reception of the Base allows me to book our slots for this afternoon. In July & August, the site is open every day from 9.30am to 7pm.

The advisor suggests a multitude of activities: surfing, canoeing, rafting or buoyancy. I opt for the buoy and the equipment rental (optional) for maximum safety. All I have to do now is put on a swimming costume and a long-sleeved shirt, not forgetting my bath towel. The meeting point is at 2pm at the reception of the Base Natur'O. After paying the fee (18€/adult for 1 hour of descent), we are given our entrance tickets.

Freshwather sailor

We then head to the Base's changing rooms where we are given all the necessary equipment: wetsuit and neoprene shoes but also helmet and life jacket. Top time! We have 30 minutes to put it on and get to the poolside.

After a few explanations on the route to follow and the safety rules to adopt in case the boat capsizes, it was time to jump into the water. Full steam ahead! A few paddle strokes in the calm waters of the Moselle are necessary to reach a conveyor belt allowing access to the basin. The tilting and rattling of the mechanism gets the adrenaline flowing and is reminiscent of the lifts on thrill rides. Except for a few details... The descent is very smooth and we slip quietly into the basin. On our left are the pumps that allow it to function, the mechanism is impressive. Let's go for 1 hour of relaxation and pure pleasure!

Smooth docking

We pass the first obstacles without any trouble. After the first bend, the pace quickens, the waves splash our faces and we manage to get through the stages as best we can: forward, backward, sideways... Little by little, we take our marks and learn to handle the paddles.

On the shore, the instructors of the GESN canoe-kayak club are on the lookout, ready to pounce to get us out of trouble at the slightest difficulty and give us some sound advice. By the second run, we are more confident and tackle the waves with a lot of confidence, which leads to a few dives and lots of laughter.

In 1 hour, we managed to complete 4 or 5 laps of the basin and it was already time to dock. We go back to the changing rooms to take a shower and get dressed before a well-deserved snack in the park next to the basin. We decide to continue our journey with a visit to the Image Museum, located just a few steps away.

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