An expedition, barefoot!

See where the wind takes you!



Adventure and delight for a weekend at the Ferme Aventure

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Eight hectares of entertainment

Once the shoes are off, the whole family is barefoot on the fresh grass. That’s it, we made it! I was dreaming of testing the first bare-foot amusement park of France, and now it is truly happening! We discover the Ferme Aventure in a huge park with 12 attractions and 24 unusual accommodations

Five labyrinths, playing nets in the trees, two escape games … I don’t even know which way to turn! On the programme: joy and happiness. The children are dying to run to the attraction of the day. It is time to go on our first expedition towards the labyrinth of the senses. I go along with the crowd like a child.

Lost in the middle of nature

Hearing, smelling, touching and seeing… We are going to need all of our senses if we want to make our way to the exit. We start walking in a huge labyrinth. Right, left, turn around, we have to try every possibility. Even if we are lost, we manage to find a first marker anyway. It tells us to use our first sense, touching. Throughout the whole course, we answer questions, solve mysteries.  

Everything is as educational and fun as can be. The children can’t stop laughing and running; they are captivated by the attraction. After an hour spent loosing ourselves in the labyrinth and solving riddles, we see the exit. I walk out happy about this activity, the children are proud of themselves and glad they excelled in the labyrinth.

Mystery and wonder in the middle of the Enchanted Forest

We walk towards the Enchanted Forest, which is a magical discovery. I can already feel the mystery coming out of the woods. Where are we going? What are we going to find? What is going to happen? I am asking myself so many questions. We are surrounded by deciduous trees and conifers. This trip in the middle of the forest is getting more educational as we get to know the different trees of the region. 

I am taking the sensory path barefoot. Fern, weed, moss … All the vegetation is here. As we walk through the Enchanted Forest, we meet funny goblins, evil witches and even little fairies… The children are laughing, then jumping out of scare, but they are eventually enchanted! The attraction is amazing. This site full of surprises promises many new discoveries.

We venture into the 12 attractions offered by the park all day. It is an enriching experience on the theme of sharing. The night is falling so it is time for us to head to our exceptional accommodation.

Head in the clouds

For our unusual night, we choose to sleep in the Native American Dome. This place is more than unusual and can accommodate up to 4 people, which is ideal for a family night. We enjoy being semi-nomadics from North-America, just for a night. The dome was built with poles, birch barks and natural cotton hessian, which gives it a soothing, nice atmosphere. There is even a little extra: the high, transparent windows. It is the occasion to look at the beautiful starry sky and observe the constellations with the children. Maybe we will be lucky enough to see a shooting star, who knows? 

In the morning, the whole family is having I copious breakfast together. We are leaving soon. Still, we already know we will be coming back!

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