One of the largest adventure parks in France!

Let's go to the Spinaparc


Florian et Clément

Between branches and rocks, climb and discover the wooded, greener side of the city of Epinal

  • For you, Epinal Tourisme is: The opportunity to discover an area rich in activities and nature
  • Your favorite local dish is: Salade vosgienne
  • Your favorite local touristic place is: La Maison romaine

Idyllic setting at the edge of Epinal

Surrounded by the forest, we were welcomed by Eric before setting off in the trees along the city of Epinal, at the SpinaParc. After getting equipped at the reception, we followed Eric towards the course as he was giving some essential instructions. We quickly got our heads around the machinery behind the whole mechanic, which was made to keep us in the air safely. As we headed to the starting point of the course, we started feeling the excitement; we really wanted to have fun! Nature was glowing under the sun and all the conditions were here for us to have a sensational time, jumping from tree to tree. Our gear was sturdy and complete: helmet, harness, pulley … It was almost as if we were going on an adventure in a remote country, looking for a hidden treasure. We could feel the urge to start the first course growing!

Acrobate mode: activated

t is now time for action! The blue and green courses are built so that beginners can practice without fear and handle the different modules offered in the park, while having fun. We start right away by climbing a wooden ladder, before reaching the first obstacle. The zip-lines are getting longer and longer and procure incredible sensations. We feel complete freedom when we fly by in the air and through the trees, fastened to our pulleys.  From nets, to beams or tunnels … The obstacles get more and more inventive and the difficulty keeps increasing during the course. What surprises us is how this activity requires agility and reflexion to understand how to pass each obstacle, which technique to use …  It really is a captivating and cool activity, we always want to discover more of the rest of the course.

Attack the cliff!

Once we feel more at ease, we can start the more complicated activities: the cliff and the red and black courses. We reach this 82-feet-high cliff of pink sandstone; it is quite impressive! And we’re off! We start climbing it, one foot then the other, gripping the available holds. Some holds are more or less close to each other so agility is essential to keep climbing. Once at the top of the cliff, we have two choices: take the last and longest zip-line of the Spinaparc, or, for the bravest, keep going on the most difficult courses for more technique and physical effort.  For us, zip-line it is! Off we go, one at a time. We slide along the taut cable, hands in the air while we gain speed: it is really nice.

After several hours spent gripping and sliding in the courses that cross the trees, we set foot on the ground. Honestly, we loved it! Throughout this whole experience, we had a lot of fun and the thrills we expected actually happened. Alone, with your partner or your family, on appropriate courses depending on the age and body-type of the participants, the Spinaparc activity will entertain and ravish everyone.

So why don’t you try it? Come and nest in the hollow of the trees to escape and enjoy a moment of nature in Epinal.

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