Event Program

Come and discover life in the Middle Ages through festivities, activities or renovation courses...

Would you like to discover the fortress and life in the Middle Ages? The site offers special tours, festivities, activities and even introductory courses on renovation. These activities take place at certain times of the year and are for young and old. Don’t hesitate - these programs are for you.

Up and coming events

The Medieval festival

In May

Les Médiévales take place on a Sunday in the month of May. Every year, knights, birds of prey, craftsmen, old trades, troubadours, minstrels, encampments, war machines and armed men are waiting on the site of the fortress in Châtel-sur-Moselle for a day of animations and surprises. The jugglers, waders and musicians of the Arcadia Company walk in the middle of the public and the actors amuse the audience. The birds of prey from St-Maurice de Lignon touch the crowds with their majestic wings and make people shudder. The knights of Ménil Saint-Michel present their dressage and games of skill while interacting with the public. At the end of the day, the proud lords on their horses compete in the northern moats of the fortress in the Grand Tournament – a fight without mercy in order to conquer the Beauty’s heart.

Between two shows, cross the street full of craftsmen and go to the tavern to rest and quench your thirst.

The night before, on Saturday evening, a medieval nocturnal banquet is held. It is animated by jugglers, fire-eaters and dancers and is held in the vaulted rooms of the Celliers de l'Arsenal. Reservations are required for the banquet..

Archeology Days

In June - Archaeological discovery of the fortress

Two archaeological visits take place. The first on a Saturday afternoon and the other on a Sunday morning. The visits last one and a half hours. The archaeologist, who is your guide, will help you discover the remains and collections of unpublished objects on the site. 

Summer work sites

Middle of July to end of August

Under the guidance of a professional, you will be able to learn about or improve your skills in stone cutting, masonry and grouting while respecting the preservation of a historical monument, rich and steeped in history. The cultural exchange generated by the international interest in the site, the various workshops and activities organized in the area are an ideal bonus for group work.