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Discover the history of the fortress in 90 minutes..

For both young and old, the tour of the fortress of Châtel-sur-Moselle is an adventure - a journey in history, which leaves no one indifferent. So, what are you waiting for?

The tour starts with the discovery of an impressive model of the castle, which represents the various stages of construction of the site from the 11th to the 16th centuries. Then, continue your tour of the fortress with a coloured plan which allows you to locate yourself on the site, through different areas. The guide takes you to the drawbridge and the barbican entrance, and provides you with a battery run fire torch. Then, keep going and visit the flanking tower with the protection wall along the Moselle River, the guardhouse, the square dungeon and the location of the seigniorial dwelling.

Your guide then takes you to the large underground passages of the fortress where you can visit the Cellars of Neufchâtel, the old bakery, the source room, the murder-hole, the apron wall for the artillery, the inner drawbridge, the underground hall for the guards as well as the gallery for the archers. Afterwards, go and see the site of the old horse-drawn mill and admire the wall built facing the big moat. Then descend into the artillery room, located in one of the towers built in the 15th century, walk along the big tower of the fortress before joining the reception of the building.

For the curious who wish to do a more in-depth visit, you have the possibility to visit the medieval garden, as well as the vestiges of Werdenberg’s lodgings, the tower - tour de Campagne and the place where the wagons were unloaded. When you reach the model room, in the reception of the building, you can review the route you took during your visit of the fortress, in order to recognize the location of the places that marked your passage in this labyrinth of buildings dating from different epochs.

The shop on site has a beautiful collection of souvenirs such as toys for the children, postcards, books and brochures which trace the history of the castle in pictures.

So, for a journey through history, choose tours that suits you best.