Work placement and working holiday at the site

To introduce you to heritage restoration techniques...

Training course for construction site leaders 

Professionals introduce you to heritage restoration techniques, from both a technical and a practical point of view. You have the opportunity to address issues related to heritage legislation, restoration ethics and heritage participants, stone construction principles, shoring principles and safety conditions. Assisted by a professional, you are introduced to stone cutting and restoration techniques. This work is interchanged with courses in theory and practice in sternotomy, traditional masonry and binders. You also discuss important points related to the animation of a group of volunteers, safety, responsibility, construction site logistics, work scheduling and material management.

Introductory course to stone cutting

This training course allows you to learn about or improve your technical knowledge in stone cutting. Through theoretical and practical lessons, you restore elements from gateways to the arsenal. You learn about drawing techniques, study mouldings and carving aspects. During this work placement, you take part in exchanges accompanied by visits with the various participants in the heritage field.

Blacksmithing for beginners 

This training course involves lots of practical work and takes place mostly on site. You also receive several theoretical sessions to learn about the materials used, the blacksmith’s tools, extraction techniques and cast iron. The techniques learnt during your work placement are varied, so that you understand the different stages necessary to manufacture an object in wrought iron.

The following techniques are taught during the course: drawing, bending, tapering, upsetting, spreading, punching, slitting and twisting. Visits to a cutler, an ironwork workshop and the museum – Musée du Fer in Jarville complete you training course.

The Workshops at the Fortress

One Day Stained Glass Workshops 

With the help of a professional, you will cut the glass and crimp the lead to make the object of your choice. You can leave with your creation.