The Village of Saint Nicholas in Épinal

Browse the stands and enjoy Christmas creations to warm your heart...

Delicacies and crafts on the square Place Pinau... Gingerbread, candid fruits and mulled wine on the square Place des Vosges... Shellfish, crustaceans and champagne on the square Place des 4 Nations... The wooden chalets of the Village of Saint Nicholas invade the town centre for 4 weeks of animations and tastings. A festive air looms over the town – it is the month of Saint Nicholas.

Every year, there are more than 60 chalets in the Village of Saint Nicholas. It lasts from the last weekend of November to the first week of January. An air of celebration and magic invades the town - it is the month of Saint Nicholas!

The program of animations and exhibitions for Saint Nicholas

The animations and exhibitions for the Village of Saint Nicholas take place in three different squares in the town of Épinal: Place des Vosges where the big fir tree is, Place Pinau and Place des Quatre Nations.

On the Place des Quatre Nations, a Santa letterbox is set up so that children can send him their letters. On the Place des Vosges, you will find an ephemeral ice rink next to Santa's workshops. Wonder guaranteed!

The city centre will be lit up with celestial lanterns during exceptional evenings (dates to be announced), you don't want to miss the event, so go to the Quai Lapicque and the Passerelle.

Come and enjoy a horse-drawn carriage ride (dates to be announced), to discover the city in a different way.

Exhibitors for Saint Nicholas

Exhibitors in the Village of Saint Nicholas offer quality craftsmanship and all kinds of delicacies for your end of year purchases. The square – Place Pinau invites you to taste wine, champagne, local beers, juices and mulled wine. The wooden chalets are home to sweets and savoury fine foods such as gingerbread, foie gras, chocolates, nougats and local or exotic snacks. In the square - Place des Quatre Nations, you can enjoy seafood straight from Vendée. A ride on the merry-go-round makes little ones happy. The square - Place des Vosges hosts various catering chalets, as well as an ice rink, set up for the younger ones at the foot of the giant fir tree.